Database Creation and Maintenance


Creating a database is a fundamental business practice.  It makes you the professional and keeps you in control.  Not only that an up to date database becomes part of your company assets and will be worth money to your business should you decided to sell.


A Simple CRM System

It tells you where everyone's name is, where there telephone numbers are and of course their email address. Whats the point of attending all those networking meetings to go back to your office with a stack of Business Cards just sitting on your desk collecting dust or worse getting lost.


Stock System

A database will also let you know how much stock you have your business, where it is, how much it cost you and how much you should sell it for.

Reasons for Creating a Database

  1. Clients History at your fingertips
  2. Saves time looking for contact details
  3. Easy to do credit control if linked to sales and accounts software
  4. Help with client retention
  5. Keep notes on important clients
  6. Keeps you human - remembering a clients birthday or anniversary
  7. Counts as intellectual property if you wish to sell your business
  8. Keep track of leads and quotes

A good database is only as good as the last entry! so why not let a Virtual PA keep it up to date.

Our Fees for Creating and Maintaining a Database


  • Simple database in excel - £1.50 per 5 business card up to 100 business cards
  • Simple database in excel - £1.25 per 5 business cards up to 250 business cards
  • Maintenance of database fees upon request

Are you fed up of those business cards on your desk?