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Could you do with your own Virtual PA or Secretary, then this month is for you!

Have you every calculated your hourly rate, that is the rate you charge out to your clients. A cleaner currently charges anything from £10.00+ per hour, an accountant charges anything from £60+ per hour and then of course we can’t forget solicitors £250+. myPA Virtual Assistants charge a lot less than an accountant (depending on the package you chose).

So how much is your hourly rate? How much do you charge yourself out at? Once you have worked out this figure think about the tasks you are currently undertaking. Is sitting in your office waiting for the telephone to ring worth your hourly rate? Is checking emails and reply to some email worthwhile for you? What about formatting documents or creating a database or doing your typing?


Doing mundane tasks in-house could waste some of your valuable time, time that could be spent finding more clients or providing the service or product you specialise in. To find out how myPA Virtual Services could help you or how to employ a Virtual Assistant to help you with your secretarial and administrative tasks contact Julie at myPA Virtual Services on 01367 246003.

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